Why there was a need of IGBP?

Due to globalization, our SMEs need assistance in discovering global opportunities. Small & Medium Enterprises are likely to be most adversely affected under WTO regime. Since our SMEs have to compete with the best of the world, therefore, there was an urgent need for such a forum like IGBP and SMEs' own forum, so as to develop a strong & competitive small & medium sector.

How does IGBP plan to help SMEs in globalization?

SMEs were at a considerable disadvantage compared to large companies. Big businesses have the resources to overcome various constraints & obstacles, but not the small ones. SMEs rarely have the clout, even collectively to press their government for reasonable policy change in the interest of SMEs. More than anything SMEs need, a more level playing field.IGBP helps SMEs meeting their most essential needs like:Better business environment.Technical assistance and capacity building.Access to latest technology.Provide complete know how to SMEs, who have little or no experience in export business and want to start exports successfully or increase their share in global market.

How IGBP will assist SMEs in their business development?

IGBP will advise SMEs on product demand specification, packaging, pricing etc, rules & regulations of the importing country enabling them to do good business.IGBP will also organize Joint Overseas mission for business promotion, buyer-seller meet, assist or represent SMEs in trade fair exhibition.

How IGBP would be strengthening India's image in the International Market?

IGBP, will initiate an aggressive market campaign in the International market to build India's image as a leading producer of Quality Products, as also to create awareness about Indian Quality through Roadshows, Trade fairs and by setting of a permanent Display-cum-Trade Centre in the most potential markets globally by showcasing "Make In India" products and services thereby building consumer's confidence in Indian quality.

Are SMEs prepared to meet the challenges of globalization?

In fact, every developing country including India should have prepared SMEs for competing in the era of globalization. Governments though have felt the need to prepare them for facing the challenge of globalization, but nothing has actually been done in terms of preparation for competitiveness, by the Govt. as well as SMEs. It is really a matter of concern.

What should be the role of Government?

The government & the developmental agencies should seriously consider proving good infrastructure and create a level playing field enabling our SMEs to compete with the best of the Wold both in domestic as well as international market. Government must also strengthen IGBP's efforts to accomplish this gigantic task of globalization of SMEs.Government should also play a crucial role in promoting public-private partnership for strengthening SMEs for International competitiveness.

What exactly IGBP think of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)?

Government of India/State Governments and other agencies responsible for the development and export promotion of SMEs can really contribute & give their inputs both financially and technically to set up one-stop-global-display cum trade centre, focussed on serving the needs of SMEs for globalization.IGBP plans to set up one such Display cum Centre in Gurgaon in collaboration with State and Central Govt. for show casing the products and services of SMEs in a most cost effective way to present products/services in a convenient one-stop-trade environment.Displaying in the trade centre is one of the best ways to promote business to domestic and international buyers.

India is an agrarian economy; does IGBP have any proposal for farmer community?

Small & medium farmers are one of the backbones of Indian Agricultural economy, as such IGBP, shall endeavour to uplift farming community and non-farm sector as well. But respective State Governments must initiate steps for handholding of these farmers & non-farmers community in rural areas for transforming and preparing them for global competition through a cluster approach.IGBP will co-ordinate activities by continuing to work closely in the State/Central Government, agricultural/economic developmental agencies to suggest & implement and developing states specific Agricultural & business development projects for globalization of small & medium farmers through Cluster Approach for overall economic development of rural masses.